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Chef Tino
Western Chef 28 year old Tino Rominger hailing from the mountain region of Graubuenden Switzerland has been appointed as the new western chef at SILK restaurant.

In his own words please be introduced:

“My career has led me to the luxury hospitality market. After graduating at Belvoirpark College of Catering and Hotel Management I took every step to acquire an international outlook on my career, which I believe is vital in this globalized, fast-paced world. Even though I am with all my heart, due to my background, a chef, I enjoy face-to-face work with guests where my wide language skills and outgoing personality are of great use. In St. Moritz, Switzerland I gathered lots of experience as head chef of “PPM exclusive Services Gmbh”. After three exciting years in private luxury villas and involved with various events, I moved to Russia. Here I was a private chef for a Russian businessman. I worked at some of the most beautiful places this world has to offer as my boss always took me with him. It was great and challenging to organize ingredients and cook meals in many different countries. Now is a fantastic opportunity to take the next step in my career with Andara. I look forward to giving my best every day providing the most enjoyable experience to our guests.”

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